be beautiful

be handsome

be gorgeous

be macho

be it, whatever we want to be

BUT the most IMPORTANT thing that we need to be,

is to be KIND to ourselves and others too.

being beautiful isn’t just about what we wear or how we look,

it is about how we ACT.

1 great action for today, SMILE.

let’s wear a smile on  our face even if we don’t wear expensive designer’s clothes or the up-to-date fashion. because for me and and some people (most, i think), a smile is just more than enough.

smile always ok.. we never know that maybe it is only our smiles that one sees today.

maybe it is our smiles that make a person at ease today.

maybe it is our smiles that make a person’s day.

maybe it is our smiles that make someone’s clumsy mind at peace again.

maybe it is our smile that make a sick person become healthy again.

maybe it is our smiles that save/escape someone from death.

a smile we wear maybe a great help for some people in more ways than we can imagine.

that is a lot of ‘maybe’, but maybe it is true. a kind act doesn’t mean that we need to go around helping others to do things and stuffs. the best part is, it cost us nothing to smile. people don’t have to pay for it.

come on, how about we practice to smile. i did try to smile widely (and grin) but  i can’t even continuously smile for more than 1 minutes. i can feel my muscle stretching. do me a favour, lets smile for today and for the next days ahead us even if it is only a smile a day.

i wish everyone a happy, bright sunny day. make a difference.

a simple ace with great value, SMILE.


(p/s:  i use ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ as it is a reminder for me too)



breakin’ up

how can breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or anyone special be so easy? i can say that it is actually i of the hardest thing to do on earth..

break up can never be so simple.. you will have to face the aftermaths..

you’ll miss the person so much (even if you don’t admit it),

you’ll always think of how the other person deals with the situation,

you’ll feel sorry for that person and think that you shouldn’t break with him/her,

and the list goes on and on and on..


however, for some of us, we may have the chance the decision made, but for others, life must go on..

if the special one loves you so much, really cares for you, and you know that he/she is the kindest person you ever met in your whole life, please try to love the person back as much as they do..

i hope you’ll not regret doing it for the rest of your life and be happy with it..


do not be like me, i thought i love this one person so much, only it turns out much later that i love him less than a boyfriend and rather enjoy his company…

i know that i can never love him as much as he does to me, so i hope by breaking up, i can free him from myself..

find a better person to love and be loved back, and live your life to the fullest..

cherish your moments, i wish you all the happiness in the world~~



important and urgent

need to be done

no matter what happens

because assignment is an assignment.


well, i have 2 assignment to be done before 14th of january, but i’m very lazy to do so..

however, despite my laziness, i think assignment is essential to people like me. as i will do more revision  only when i was about to do assignment. if not, how am i going to understand what i’m supposed to write my assignment..


geez.. thank God for giving us assignment..   after i finished both of my assignment, i want to give myself a rest.. huhu..

bestnyer..sleeping on my bed~~

hello dunia

This is the first time i’m writing on a blog… so if you have any comments for me, don’t hesitate to do so..

Well, i’m not sure what i will post on my blog, so, just wait for the next entry…

I hope that my post on this blog will be continous and updated.. I really hope that I can assure you guys on that..


Finally, for now i’ll just write about the stuff that strikes my mind, ok??

1 more thing, the post will be written in both English & Malay language.. only reminding~

Cheers for now!

Assalamualaikum…  🙂